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Building A Brighter California Together

“Far too often people think of themselves as individuals, separated from one another. 

Yet, we are connected -- what Californians do affects the whole world. 

When we do well, it spreads out -- it is for the whole of humanity.”

                                                                                                                                               Serge Fiankan

Why am I running for Governor of California?

Serge Fiankan

 "I want to change the status quo and address the real problems Californians are facing."

I pledge to work for you

"I take a pledge to put people first and to refuse financial campaign contributions from corporations and PACs.

This is so Californians know that I represent their interest."

Serge's policy platform

"As the 5th largest economy and thanks to our progressive thinking, we have been the leaders of innovation and positive change on the planet, we should continue because when California holds the light, the rest of the world follows."

 Young Woman Contemplating
  • Housing: address the entire construction cycle-cost of buying land, building, utility installation, permits, labor

  • Utilities: promote energy independent buildings

  • Gas: lower cost of hydrogen technology, improve public transportation

  • Food: grow food closer to cities

Cost of Living

  • Create permanent housing with medical support, professional training, and job solutions

  • Incentivize corporations to hire in these communities

  • Address drug & alcohol abuse and mental health issues


Image by J King
  • Revisit pop 47 and enhance prop 57 

  • Offer structure to re-insert people that served back into the community

  • Offer trade training in high-schools 

  • Provide local parks & recreation programs to youth

Crime &
Public Safety


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