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About Serge
Serge Fiankan is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who sees challenges as opportunities to change the status quo. Empowering people and bettering their lives and the environment has been a driving passion in Serge’s life. 

Born to a Belgian mother and an Ivorian father, Serge grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His father was an Ambassador for the Ivory Coast, so Serge spent his early years in the world of African politics.

In his early twenties, Serge moved to Europe before coming to the US.  Serge graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcast


Telecommunications in 1995. Serge worked in the entertainment industry for nearly a decade.  Over time, however, he became disenchanted because this industry didn't reflect the diversity of thought and meaning that he craved to promote.

So Serge decided to become an independent entrepreneur.  He created several business ventures through the years. With the same focus on bettering human beings and the environment, he consulted with various countries and companies seeking to move away from natural resources mining towards green energy and to establish eco-tourism in Africa.  He also consulted with bio-pharmaceutical and non-profit companies to produce antiretroviral drugs for developing countries.  

In 2008, Serge became a real-estate broker, helping first-time homebuyers.  More recently, he became the CEO of a consulting firm in Luanda, Angola, which aims at facilitating the development of local businesses focused on sustainability through local populations’ empowerment. 

Serge lives in Pleasanton, CA. He is married, has four children, and mentors many others.   He is also an accomplished horseback rider and enjoys training and breeding horses. 

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